Features Overview

Made for web designers

The general idea behind InlineCMS is to allow web designers create fully functional content managed websites using only HTML and CSS. Everyone who creates websites knows, that drawing a design and turning it into HTML template is only a half the battle. Next you have to integrate your design with CMS. And this can be a tricky task, especially for people who doesn't too familiar with PHP code. InlineCMS simplifies this task as much, as possible.

Super easy template integration

To make your existing HTML/CSS template work with InlineCMS you don't have to write single line of any code. Just choose which regions of your template will contain an editable content and navigation links. We have super handy visual Layout Editor for that.

There are other "simple" CMSes around which also allow you to define editable regions inside HTML template. But they ask you to add additional markup to do that (special CSS classes, tags or even PHP snippets) while InlineCMS doesn't.

Visual content editing

Once you have your design connected, the next step is to start filling site with content. And it is when InlineCMS is your best friend again. It has no backends or separate control panels. Instead, it just adds a small floating window over your pages. This window contains all the tools you need to manage website. There is "elements" — blocks, like text, images, galleries, forms and many other, which you can add to the page by drag-n-drop.

When you add or edit elements, you immediately know how your page will look when you've finished. You see page in editor exactly how your visitors will see it. There is no need to switch between editor and site to check final result. Adding new pages and menu items is also requires only few mouse clicks.

Create multilingual web sites

InlineCMS allows you to choose what languages your pages will use. Each page can have multiple language versions. For example, when you're done editing English version of the page, you can create Spanish version with single click and put translated content into it.

InlineCMS automatically handles URLs for each language. For example, if default language of your site is English and you're creating "About Us" page, it can have an URL http://site.com/about-us. If you decide to add Russian version of that page later, its URLwill be automatically set to http://site.com/ru/about-us.

Fast and reliable

InlineCMS doesn't use database or any other complicated technologies. There is nothing to get broken in the most inconvenient moment. Site pages are automatically cached into plain HTML files and that makes your site almost as fast, as a regular static HTML site. Creating and restoring backups of your site is also as simple, as to copy files from one folder to another. No mess with SQL dumps, configs and environments.

Try InlineCMS and discover a better way to create websites